We are a company in The Netherlands with a track record for inorganic membrane development, production and sales.

Based on our expertise with full ceramic membranes and their market we have developed the next generation stainless steel membranes. Featured by capillary channels like in hollow fibre polymeric membranes, coated with a fine ceramic layer, supported by non-brittle porous stainless steel tubes.

We are located in the Brainport Region near the city of Eindhoven.

Our business model is that we partner with OEM and system engineering companies for our main application markets which include Food & Beverage, Dairy, Pharma as well as Waste Water Treatment, Treatment of Surface Water for Drinking Water, Treatment of Streams from Digestors.

Lage Dijk 29 B
5705 BX Helmond
The Netherlands

Phone +31 6 2290 5672